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First of all I wanted to thank you for the software, because Medved Trader is really amazing, and for your support which is great.

I don't know if these things are already available or not (If they are, I apologise - I could not find them), but it would be nice adding the following to the Portfolios' features:

- Possibility to flag stocks: For example lets say I have an universe of 100 stocks in my watchlist and for the day I am interested in just 10 of them. It would be nice to flag them and sort the watchlist for flagged items, so that I can easily see them throughout the day, without having to create another watchlist just for them.

- Possibility to have the columns in Portfolio/ Watchlist about: Industry, Sector, Float.

If it would be possible to add those, alongside the other features that other members have requested, it would be really nice.

Thank you very much as always

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You can have subgroups in your portfolio (use --- as a "stock symbol" for the separator row).

So what you can do is have a subgroup at the top for the "flagged" stocks. Drag the symbols you want into and out of that group during the day.

Industry/Sector/Float - we try to make columns for all parameters we receive from the sources. Very few sources provide that info.

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For what it's worth, i"d love a flagging type feature too.    I found that using sections for this is hard when you have a long list because if you are toward the bottom of a list and have to drag it or copy it all the way to the top it just is difficult to do.   What I do as a workaround is I just have a separate watchlist.  So I have call is my "B" universe of 100 stocks, each day I go through and have a blank "A" universe watchlist sitting next to it on the screen and I can just copy in the ones I want for the next day.   I think it's easier/faster then the sections; but that's just my workflow.

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