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TIle - Simple Transparent Chart



Hey guys -

I normally do swing trading and look for low risk entries on a shorter time frame (intraday) to find entries.  I've started flipping my watch list to Tile - Simple Transparent Chart View - after about 10am as it gives me a quick visual for maybe the top 15 stocks I'm following rather than just a listing.

Would it be possible to enhance the product to do the following:

* I sort my watchlist by Vol% most of the time to see which stocks are getting the most volume relative to normal.   Any chance we could control the sort order of the Charts?

* I prefer Candle or OHLC charts; any chance there could be an option added to view them that way instead of the area chart.

* I would also love an option to display intraday charts (like 1 day which is what I use) in 5 minute rather than 1 minute timeframe.

Not sure how much these are being used by others and whether it's worth your time but wanted to put out the request.


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The tile charts really were not intended for that - that interface does not lend itself to easy sorting selection and the charts are optimized -basically just images created - same ones used for Inline charts, just bigger. They actually automatically switch to 5 min if using longer timeframe but user control not given because they generally don't have the detail to show the difference. Different chart types - same issue. for that we use the main intraday charts

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