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Moving alert line


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If you have always show Trace turned off, when you draw an alert line on the chart holding shift you see your y-axis value eg 459.33 in the white box on the right.




However after when you go to grab that line and adjust its position, that white box on the right is not displayed.  Can you have it show up when moving the line as currently you have no idea what level you are dropping the line at?

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Ok I changed the functionality a bit. In the version you have, when you move an anchor with a SHIFT, its vertical coordinate is locked.

I changed it so that you can move it vertically and horizontally and it adjusts the other anchor's Y coordinate accordingly. It also shows you the deltas etc. on the axes.

Will be in next beta.

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Hey Mike,  just tested it out.  Noticed something that I'm not sure if was intentional or not as part of the change. 

Only on the intraday chart, if you have your mouse pointer in the window and press shift and move the mouse then let go of shift the trace turns on along with the Y-axis label, but the legend and x-axis label are missing, it stays on till you move the mouse out of the chart window. If you hold shift everything comes up correctly but trace and y-axis label stay when you let go of shift as before. 

On the historical, it all comes up holding shift and goes away when you let go.

So far I actually think I like it this way ie trace staying on after pressing shift just once and not having to hold shift down as then you could use a keyboard shortcuts well still moving about the chart with the trace and labels showing (would be better if all the labels showed).  But since it's not the same between historical and intraday figured it might not have been intentional so figured I should let ya know. 


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Oh ya and I do see the Y-axis label (value) when I grab an alert line and move it on the intraday.  However on the historical it doesn't show up when just grabbing the line and moving it.

For both intraday and historical if I hold shift I see all labels when moving a line.

On the intraday if I hold shift, move the line then let go of shift before dropping the line the trace and label disappear ie don't hang around as described in the above post..

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