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Medved windows being resized since updating to windows 11


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Since I updated to windows 11 I am constantly seeing  my Medved windows resized. You can see where they overlap in the screen shot.  I keep resizing them so they don't  and they change back.  I can't figure out exactly when it is occurring as it's not on every restart of Medved. It's like something is decided the 2nd row windows need to be taller

Yesterday before I fixed them



Today again... I fixed them yesterday.



Fixed version ie second row top of box pulled down to not overlap






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I am running on Win 11 myself and am unable to recreate the issue with your settings. Is it on one particular monitor or any?

for the purposes of recreating this, can you do a layout with only the minimum number of windows needed to recreate, then send to me with corresponding screenshots to show before/after? (FULL screenshots, not snippets please)

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