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Clicking on legends



I have a number of indicators on the chart; some I want to stay there regularly (like some automatic fib lines) and some i'd like to be able to toggle off easily (moving averages).    If I use the "hide all indicator" i lose the ones I want to keep; so my option is to right click on the indicators and then pick show or hide; which is 2 steps and something i have to go through for 4 or 5 moving averages each time.    Since you have "edit parameters" as part of the right click - I think it would probably be better if, when you left clicked, it toggled show/hide rather than taking you to "edit paramaters".   I would think people would use that more often then actually changing the parameters on a regular basis.   Then if they (occasionally) want to change the parameters they can do that from the right click.

Would appreciate if you would consider this as it would streamline things for me quite a bit.   Thanks

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