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Discrepancy between Paintbar and Scan alerts

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I am using the scan below (See first attachment) I first created it as a paintbar, then later selected the scan checkbox. However, I've noticed that when I compare the action log with my Chart, there is a discrepancy between the paintbar alert (purple arrow) and the scan alert.  In the example below, the paintbar alert was shown at 08:50 whereas the scan alert was received at 09:22. Is there a setting that I am missing?

Also, sometimes the scan alert is not reflected on the paintbar.







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when you enabled the alert on the portfolio window, scanner tab, did you set it to auto clear after certain time? If not, then once triggered it will not trigger again until the alert is manually cleared. If you are looking for the alert to just generate the alert log, you can set it to auto clear after 1 sec.

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1. You are doing SymbolData.Volume.  NOTE: this is the current, at the moment, volume for the day. NOT the volume at the time the candle is processed in the paintbar. For scans, that is usually not relevant since they are always run on the last candle, but in the paintbar it is important.

2. Another reason for discrepancies between paintbar and scan/paintbar could be if their setups are not same. When you run a scan, you specify what candle size you're running it on and the extended hours setting. Make sure they match with the chart on which the paintbar is.

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