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AFter Hr Volume Scan

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A few months back, Mike M. provided some great code to help put a scan column on my sheet for after hours volume %.   The link is here:



I noticed today that SNAP had massive after hrs volume but it was not showing because there was also very high volume during the day today and this compares I believe after hrs volume today to todays' volume.   (I think).   Any way to modify this to potentially show after hrs volume today vs the average volume over the last x days.  Doesn't really matter if length of avg volume is 10 days or 20 days.


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Well... I don't know what source you're using, but some sources return the average volume for the stock that you can then use from SymbolData.AvgVol.

So - in that paintbar, change




The ? : thing is just so that there is no division by 0 if there is no AvgVol in the data.




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