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Hi, I set potential entry alerts on a number of symbols and on a busy morning may have 7 to 10 fire off in the morning.   I want to be able to quickly look at my group of charts (weekly/daily/intraday) on my screen as the symbols pop up.   In my system all charts are attached into one Symbol Link Group.

I can't find a way from the alerts to - with one click - open that symbol on my charts.   The best I can find so far is to click on the Link Group icon and scroll to the correct link group.     Is there anyway you'd consider adding a default link group to the setup of alerts and a way to have that be the default on the alert screen so one click and I could look at the chart and move onto the next symbol?    Or some other way to do this?

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1) next update will have better symbol link group linking from the alert popup. If you just have 1 used linked group, then clicking on that button will just set the symbol. no popup menu. If there are multiple used, it will just show the used colors, not all of them

2) alerts should show in the alert log. You can have the alert log window linked and then just click on the symbols there.

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