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Supply/Demand Zones

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How can I go about using the default settings for Supply/Demand zones on say a 5 min chart for a scan.

Currently I have a ton of charts open and manual watch price action in that zone. I'd be happy with price crossing into the bottom of the red box, or inside the box, or busting thru the top. I caught some nice breakouts but I'm glued to the screens. 

Anyway to insert the code into scan/paintbar  advance mode or having the options available for basic with a cross option


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I looked and somehow I omitted allowing those values to be used in scan.

I fixed that and it will be in next release (or email support@medvedtrader.com mention this and jerry will make an exe for you)

You will be able to refer to "SupplyUpper", "SupplyLower", "DemandUpper", "DemandLower" 



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When you guys get a chance, can you try to run a basic can using-   last crosses supply upper or supply lower.

I'm getting a red triangle with an exclamation from the scan drop down window. I tired to replace it with SMA and no errors. tks

edit:  Scan/paintbar manager. I see in red (Some indicators not authorized)

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