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MT locks up when opening portfolio editing window


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I'm using version 1.1.9700.202 x64 and encountered this when editing a portfolio. I was adding notes to the symbols through the portfolio editor window and it appeared that the text in one of the columns was slightly cut off. I was curious to see what may not be visible in the column and attempted to resize it. Immediately the window locked up and I could only close MT through task manager. Thereafter, every time I try to open the portfolio editor window, either through the Dashboard or other means, the portfolio editor window shows as solid black with no text when it attempts to open and the scrollbars flicker as if it's trying to populate an ever growing list of rows/items for display but nothing ever appears. I'm guessing this is some kind of memory leak or race condition or something. This is a persistent problem I can reproduce every time I load the program and it's not possible for me to use the portfolio editor at all at this point. No error code or message is ever thrown by MT or Windows. I am using Windows 10 Pro.

In case it's useful; I've noticed ever since it started crashing this way that I can no longer resize the Symbol column when viewing the portfolio. Could have sworn I was able to do so before I encountered this behavior. I also have multiple groups, each with a name, set up in the portfolio using three dashes entered in the portfolio editor (i.e. "---Energy") before I started encountering this bug. Also, I've found that after I attempt to open the portfolio editor window all other MT windows seem to be fine as far as in expected behavior when interacting with them. However, if I click on or attempt to interact with the solid black portfolio editor window in any way then all MT windows become unresponsive.

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