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Premarket daily chart incorrect

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Hi, I raised this sometime back but couldn't find the exact consistent reason but I see it now.

I'm connected to TD AMeritrade for data.

If I keep MT on overnight, premarket data on the daily charts feeds into the bar from the day before rather than start a new bar.    If I close MT and then reopen - today I'm doing it at 8:30AM EST.   Below is a screenshot of the same stock before I close MT this morning and then after I reopen it (the 2nd chart is before, 1st chart after)   You can see on the chart with one green gap bar that the price is 91.70. .. that is correct, except it is showing yesterday and premarket today all in one bar.   After I close MT and reopen, it shows it correctly - with 2 bars.   I did nothing else other than shut down and reopen at 8:30 this morning



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as var as the green bar - easy enough to check - look at the portfolio for the symbol - at the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST.  They will match. When you restart, MT gets the new quote which in case of TD Ameritrade in premarket, will update some of the values.

as for the 2 bars, MT builds the last bar from the quotes. MT auto backfills the chart when it is opened (or symbol switched). If you just leave it, the new latest bar will be for today. But as far as yesterday's bar - that will only get filled in if there is a backfill. Restart triggered that backfill. 

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