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Continued Assertion Failed Error


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I have posted about this before but I've encountered this again. After changing my style/color of my layout from Black to one of the other options ( I picked Blue then Silver ) I now see the attached window popping up. Once this happens it appears to completely corrupt the layout and the BAK file as I receive the same error after renaming the BAK to .layout. I have seen this failure on two separate computers at this point. Originally I posted about this in August of last year and I am now on a completely new system. This leaves me dead in the water as far trading is concerned and it's extremely frustrating to have to meticulously recreate my entire layout every time this happens. I will send my settings to support after posting this.



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Okay, was able to trigger it again on an older version of my layout which was working fine up to this point. Exact steps were to load the layout, enter settings, change visual style from Black to Blue, click apply. And this pops up. A bit different from my earlier attachment. I have not been able to reproduce corruption of this layout though. What's interesting is that if I click Ignore a few times testing this layout then the program seems to hang and it's as if it's stuck in the middle of loading the layout. After a delay it seems to finish loading. If I then close MT from my task bar and reload it, it seems to load fine with the Blue visual theme. So far I can't seem to recreate the corruption of the layout. It's just going from Black visual theme to Blue or maybe one of the others. This is a weird bug :)

P.S. The other layout that was corrupted, along with its BAK file, is not healed by clicking Ignore on the other Assertion Failed popup.


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