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It seems that you were not subscribed to Level II. You just had Level I subscription and the stuff you were seeing in Level II window is actually a small subset – “regionals” data.  They turned that off recently, but I should be back now. For true Level II data (with much more detail) you would want to subscribe to TotalView and/or EDGX data.

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OK, its back to the way is was, so thanks for reaching out to them!  I really only use DxFeed for Level II on NYSE stocks since the Level II from IQfeed is no good for that.  Originally the DxFeed bundle included a basic Level II feed (top of book for both NASDAQ and NYSE)  I have that back now, but I don't see the option for it on their web site, so I guess that's what they recently dropped.  If if goes away again, I'll subscribe to TotalView.  For example of what I currently see and what's good enough for me, here's a screen shot of a NYSE stock.  The left Level II screen is what I get from IQFeed and the one on the right is what I currently get from DxFeed:


Level II examples.png

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