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Inconsistent routing selection in trade ticket combo box upon entering symbol


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I've noticed something a little odd. Not sure if this began with the new update, which I have installed, or this is from before. Sometimes when entering a symbol into a trade ticket window "SMART" is not the default and is blank instead. Now sometimes SMART is there when loading the symbol even when I do not have it specified as default in application settings for orders. But even when I do have SMART set as default in settings sometimes it still doesn't populate upon symbol load. This behavior is true for both trade ticket and Level II windows with trading enabled. I can't confirm that I've had any issues placing orders due to this. However, I have a system whereby orders are not always submitted through the trade ticket windows by me manually so I am concerned that sometimes when I receive an order rejection from the broker it may be because of this. I am of course using Interactive Brokers.

Is anyone else seeing this?


Wanted to add that I am seeing this while outside of active trading hours.

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Hi Jason, 

In MT, AUTO, SMART or blank are all handled the exact same way, so it would definitely not cause a problem with the order being submitted, regardless of the broker.  I can look at very specific situations if you can recreate, but it really is not an important issue.

BTW, you see the recent changes for the routing? like being able to assign hotkey to rotate through a subset of routing options?

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