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Using Both Axis


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Please provide a link to an explanation of how to assign the second symbol (as in "Compare") to a different scale, say on the left axis.

(Can't find with F1.    If an option is trading at $0.18 and the Underlying at $101, percent on the Right Axis doesn’t cut it.)

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Since one trace may vary by only a fraction of the other (on a multiple symbol chart), having two separate scales eliminates the need for a second chart to amplify the lower volatility variable.  (I tried to add a small duplicate chart elsewhere in the Workspace, and having the first duplicate prevented that!)

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More like this:

I've managed to get candles to show for both symbols, but couldn't do it tonight. Left Y-axis was auto-scaled here.

I spent most of my professional career using Quatro, SuperCalc or Excel to plot correlations between various industrial variables.  It's natural to

want that here.  (Finviz Elite has a weak, but useful correlation facility.)


TSLA vs SOFI.png

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