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1st minute volume

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Hi guys - 

I want to create a scan that shows me the first minute volume of the day multiplied by a factor.

For instance, if there is 100K in volume on the first minute bar I'd like to take that 100K and multiply by 10 and show in a column on the scan.

Can you suggest how i get the volume from the first minute bar of the day?



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Maybe I'm doing something dumb... but if I remove the 10x and just leave SetScanResult(FirstMinVol) it doesn't seem to be doing what I hoped.

For instance, RIVN first minute volume bar today per my data was 643,000 shares.   Scan is showing 226 if I set to "intraday" and 10,367,950 if I set to "Historical"

Similarly MSFT I see the first bar in the software at 699K shares.   Setting to "Historical" scan is showing 5,496,130 shares.


********** I had premarket volume on ********** so took off and results are correct ******* thanks.

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