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Fidelity not updating starting 9/22/2023

evil dad

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Jerry, I just added my new Fido account to MT, got it verified, but when I select Fido as data source the start/stop button turns yellow, then red with an X - what do I need to do to get streaming quotes from Fido? I did have to take an extra step on the Fido website to "authorize" or whatever word they used to get streaming quotes, but even with that done MT is not getting data. Note I tried this in AH (4:30) - does Fido stop providing data at 4:00 pm or is there another problem? One reason I opened that Fido account was to have a backup source of data in case TDA didn't delay my transition to Schwab, but I also may transfer my accounts to Fido because Schwab does not allow clients to enroll in real DRIPs - that's a huge problem for CEFs that give discounts for DRIP'd divs, Schwab forces you to pay market price. For those who own the Cornerstone funds CLM or CRF it's a HUGE problem - both give you DRIP shrs at NAV, which is usually 20%-25% cheaper than MP.

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it does not stop providing service, but there may have been an issue with logins on some versions.  do this. Select FILE/HELP => Check for updates.

Let MT update all files, then restart MT, EVEN IF NOTHING was updated.

if you see it fault again - on the main dashboard window, click on SOURCES on top right, then right click on Fidelity row and select Force RELOGIN. Do not touch anything at this point until it is done logging in (might take a minute).

Let me know if it works.  And as @wilburpost2 mentioned, it will not work on Win 7, though that is not an issue in your case, but definitely something to keep in mind for others reading this. 

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