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Failed Assertion out of no where.


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Just went to load MT with the charts in the layout preloaded with symbols from yesterday's session and received this error. Have never seen this before and didn't do any system or software updates between runs. If I select Ignore the program is unusable. Tried system shutdown/restart and received the same error. Also encountered the same problem when loading a fresh instance of my layout. The message I receive from MT is:

Medved Trader encountered an Error

Symbol cannot be null or empty
Parameter name: sym

Please contact Medved Trader technical support and provide the error details

AppVer: 1.1.9930.100 Err.Flags: Log, ShowIndicator, ShowToUser
   at MT.MTSymbol..ctor(String symbol) in [ROOT]\MTShared\MTSymbol.cs:line 82
   at MT.Trading.TradePositionsUC._populateRows(List`1 symbolList, Nullable`1 newSubtotalPosition) in [ROOT]\MT\Trading\TradePositionsUC.cs:line 1098


I will attempt to attach an image of the windows error dialog.



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Okay, didn't think of this before posting but I tried disconnecting from IB Gateway, closing MT and reloading it. Everything reloaded fine. Subsequently reconnecting to IB with MT already loaded didn't seem to present any problems with functionality but when I tried shutting down MT while still connected to IB and reloading MT again received the same error. It hadn't occurred to me that the IB connection could be spawning the error.


Will send log.


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Okay, I've tried closing MT again and restarting both the IB connection and MT and can no longer reproduce the issue. Can't explain this. I know it's possible to get a very rare and benign exception error but reported this after I was able to reproduce it earlier. Nothing had changed regarding the connection on IB Gateway either. Status was green across all IB connections both now and when I was able to reproduce the error earlier.

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That is taking the place of ARR in the portfolio. It appears to be an Interactive Brokers bond identification number. It also appears that ARR went bye-bye. Can't even pull a chart from the IB website and don't immediately see any news that would explain what's happened. But I wonder if it may have something to do with maintenance that IB is performing as it usually does on Saturday.

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