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Anchored VWAP issues.


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I have noticed that after applying two anchored VWAPs to a historical chart and restarting the program the date for one of them is switched to match the other. It's very difficult to set up multiple anchored VWAPs and keep the dates straight for a symbol. As mentioned elsewhere there is also the problem of the anchored VWAP set up in a chart for one symbol being displayed for any other symbol loaded in that chart. So in order to use this someone would have to remember each candle of interest for each symbol they want displayed and manually correct the dates in the interface for each anchored VWAP and perform this process every time a symbol is loaded OR the program is started. This renders the anchored VWAP pretty useless in MT.

It can be EXTREMELY powerful to gauge at which price points large blocks of market participants, by volume, are going to be in or out of the money and to what extent. Especially for swing trading. This can also be very relevant to intraday trading and I'd like to see this functionality added. Large events, FOMC meetings and market reports, large volume changes near highs/lows of the day that mark trend changes and knowing the VWAP since those points can be far, far more important than simply knowing the VWAP from the open.

As far as the interface is concerned there are lots of opportunities there as well. What I would like to see is this kind of implementation... User clicks Show Ribbon, clicks Draw, clicks an icon for Anchored VWAP, then clicks the candle on the chart from which point forward it will be displayed. This would be far more intuitive and would eliminate the hassle of the current implementation.

I realize that I've included some changes here that aren't specifically bugs so let me know if you want me to re-post those under feature requests.

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As it stands, it's impossible to use anchored VWAP for intraday opportunities, we can't set up more than 1 anchored VWAP without MT changing the date we specified and we can't set one up in a chart without it being displayed for every symbol loaded in that chart.

Surely you don't mean that these deficiencies are intentional? Maybe there is a special reason why the user has to be required to set the indicator up by manually typing the date in but I can't see how these behaviors could be anything other than bugs.

I just don't see the point of making available a tool like this if the way it operates in the software renders it useless. Now maybe I'm just an idiot and can't figure it out and there's a way to get it to work as expected but if after testing and struggling with it I, as a user, need a lot of assistance or special instruction to get the tool to perform as expected then generally speaking that's your first clue that something, somewhere, has gone awry.

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