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44 minutes ago, Jerry Medved said:

that I don't know. I may be able to do news with Fidelity. IQFeed and IB have streaming news.

Fidelity news would be dope... their news is solid. With IB you have to subscribe to get anything worthwhile, their free API news sources are womp womp lol.

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  Clearly , the best interest of traders is not high up on Schwabs list of priorities, at least with regard to third party api

  I'll complain directly to them

  The TOS news feed is the same , with limited  scrollback (ridiculous) and even more ridiculous,   NO SYMBOLS  on the headlines ,and no alert system for keywords





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Just now, Enginer01 said:

I have a "Package" thru Marketwatch.  Not clear what that entails, only so far opens WSJ articles that were, before, greyed out.

sorry I am not following. Package? what are you talking about?

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Ah, have for several years enjoyed the correlation between Asian>Europe>USA (0.80?) easily checked at Marketwatch.com, but any of their WSJ, Barons articles were greyed out.  As I recall, clicking on them requested a subscription.  After a while I signed up, works now, I have forgotten details.

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