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Some requests, related to alerts - please ensure the design is sufficiently generalized to enable the following features w/o too much re-tooling of the code


1) alerts based on conditions in QuoteGrid  (e.g. bid>=ask; BidSize / AskSize above/below threshold); 

2) alerts based on conditions in L2 order book (e.g. sum of # shares at specified bid levels suddenly shrinking below a threshold)

3) capture alerts into an "alerts queue" for review by the user; when user is reviewing queued alert for a given symbol, make it easy to quickly jump to trading for the relevant symbol.

4) allow for a large number of alert conditions to be specified - do not limit to (say 10 symbols or 5 alerts overall) - I would like for alerts to be able to reach into the dozens or even hundreds, as a means to achieve order automation in the future. In this way, alerts would become events that when handled (by code) generate order changes; or new orders; or order cancellations.


Thanks for all the excellent work so far 

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1) ok

2) wasn't really planning on L II alerts.  

3) will have an alert log

4) We aren't going to put any limits (others do that!?) but keep in mind that the more alert criteria is being checked, the more CPU usage will be required, so there may be practical limitations. Will see


Also keep in mind that he alerts will only be triggered if corresponding data is coming in.  So if you have an alert on AAPL but there are no quotes coming in on AAPL because it is in none of the portfolios, nothing will be triggered

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1) thanks


2) I sent you an email - I really think it would be fantastic to have access to Level2 analytics / alerts in MT.


3) thanks


4) understood that alerts would mean extra code runs on each symbol's every alert, so performance would depend on number of symbols / alerts - just hope you don't put in a conservative limit up front and; let users explore the outer bounds of what is achievable depending on data feeds, memory & CPU.

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the options for email, facebook, etc posts  are very much tied to another sub-system that I am planning - Sharing - somewhat similar to the way Android does it.


As for custom indicators, depends on what it is, but there are general time constraints, so everything is somewhat tied together :)

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I wanted to check in about alerts.

We've emailed several times about mobile alerts over the years. You expressed issues about the difficulty of software issues they present.  

ThIs thread goes back to 2014 where you still seemed open to the idea, but we are still not able to get MT alerts out of the room.

I've been very impressed by your innovative work since the QuoteTracker years and I would be quite happy to be a paying customer again if only I wasn't forced to sit in the same room with the computer. I think there are a number of swing/longer term traders in your target market that would appreciate the mobility also  

Is there ANY way that you can give us at least ONE way to get mobile alerts out?

Thank you!


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