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Daylight Savings Time Zone Change Affecting Chart Creation


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In QT, daylight savings time zone changes were a constant problem, where it would not update charts before 11:00AM and would stop retrieving data at 2:00PM the day after (Monday) the US or AUS changed to or from daylight time (Sunday). I was interested to see how the daylight time zone change on Sunday (20141005) from UTC+10 to UTC+11 would affect MT retrieving data on Monday.


Here are my findings between 10:00AM and 11:00AM on Monday. Although MT is retrieving data, it won't display the data on the charts and the charts only show Friday's data. At 11:00AM, the charts are now updating with the retrieved data back to 10:00AM.


Changing the Settings for the Charts, Timeframes, Time Zone did not make any difference to the charts.


Changing the Settings for the Application, General, Display Time Zone did not make any difference to the charts.

Although possibly not technically a bug, it is worth posting here in the forums for anyone else who notices this anomaly after the change in daylight time zones.
NB. I will post an update after 2:00PM on the status of the data retrieval.
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