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Trade window additions



Unless I cant figure it out it would be nice on the limit price to have the option in Settings to set a default so that every trades limit price can be set to be offset the ask by + .01 etc.


Also when you open a new trade window when you type in a new symbol nothing happens. You have to click in the limit price window to get a new quote. It would be nice to be able to type in the new symbol, hit enter and the new bid ask are displayed along with the moving limit price.

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PRICE - what you can do is PEG the price to BID, ASK, LAST, or offset from one of those.  Click on the button on the right of the price field - that is for Price Pegging.  What you can do is set MT to always Price Peg by default.  Go to your SETTINGS / Trading / Accounts.  Select the account in question.  Click on the PRICE tab on the right lower screen to see price defaulting options.  There, check the "Always Price Peg" checkbox and set Peg Offset from Last to be 0.01.  If you specify 0.00, it will price peg to LAST (or whichever price you double clicked on to initiate trading).  If you specify anything else, it will do Offset from the price (the one that was double clicked on, or LAST)  - Your offset value for BUY orders or -1 * your offset value for SELL.  NOTE that how you initiate trading matters. If you double click on ASK, it assumes BUY and fills trade panel accordingly, and the price peg will be from ASK. 


Symbol Change - you can hit TAB and that will accept the new input. I just made it accept ENTER as well. will be in next update.

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