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News Window - reading non HTML items

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Hi, I ran into an issue when reading news items with the reading pane enabled.


Some news headlines have URLs that point to documents which require an external viewer, such as .PDFs.


With the reading pane enabled, the action of "reading" such items causes a modal "file open" dialog to open behind the news window, hidden from view. To the user it seems that the action of reading the news item has failed. (invoking the external browser does not cause this problem, as the external browser usually has a plugin for handling .PDFs)


In the screencap below I show the dialog, after I moved the News window aside.




Can MT detect this occurrence and bring the modal dialog in front of the news window? 

Or maybe there is a different way to handle it, by detecting that the URL points to a non-HTML file ?


Thank you.



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First: the embedded browser can use plugins  to show PDF, however that plugin must be for IE 64 bit. Default one is 32 bit. 


Popups - I can try detecting and aborting the dialog box, but don't know if that will work. Because different people have different plug-ins, the popups can be different, so it is kind of wack-a-mole

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