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bid/ask size not showing


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Ok that rules out CMC Markets.


On Bell Direct's main quote page, bid/ask size is offered in the sense that depth will be included in the normal price querie.  Bid/offer size are not labelled as such, they are just the top two lines.  Would that work? 

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Only downloaded latest build this morning pre market , i quess my query will follow along the line of this post.

my data source is commsec , yesterday when i clicked on level two the market depth came up no problem , today try to open level 11 all i get is the top section of the window e.g. last   ;  time   ; change   ; volume etc but no market depth comes up , i tried a number of differant stocks via open charts also tried from portfolio list , same result = no market depth . i tried shutting down and restart . no error log is showing ( bottom left corner ) i can not do system restore at this time.

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What exact version do you have?


are the quotes started on the Level II window? Button says STOP?


If you login with the same account on the Commsec web site, are you able to view Market Depth for the same symbols?  If so, Please do the following:


on the bottom right of the dashboard (on the status bar), change Log Level to 200

Refresh the Level II windows a few times

go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.

Export, then email me the exported file.

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