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News Window - focus lost from headline list

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I notice that when I use reading pane to read news, the focus transfers to the browser in that pane. This makes the scroll-wheel on my mouse unable to scroll through the headlines. It also disables the keyboard from interacting with the headline list, so Up/Down,PgUp/PgDn etc. no longer work.


I can get around this by first single-clicking again on the headline, but would prefer not to have to.


Can you bring the focus back into the headline list right after the news item is loaded into the reading pane browser? 


Also, when the focus is on the reading pane, I notice that not all hotkeys work as expected. I can use PgUp/PgDn and Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn, and Home/End, Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End; but I cannot scroll through the reading pane one line at a time with the up/down arrow keys, like you would be able to do in a regular browser.



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the stolen focus is not actually a function of MT.  what you are seeing is caused by the content of the news. The Stockwatch page has  a symbol field on top left, and the page automatically sets focus to it, which stealing the focus.


For Stockwatch, I can actually use a different format for displaying the data  clean page with just the content. The difference is that this version would not be sharable - if you right click and select Copy URL, you will not get a workable URL. The news comes up faster though :)


Will send to you...

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when reading the news items, can you make the focus switch to the pane over which the mouse is hovering ? 


I.e. if I am hovering over the headline list, that has focus; if I move the mouse to the reading pane, that gets focus. This makes it faster to use scroll wheel / keyboard to scroll and get around.

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