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  3. FYI - Holding down the SHIFT pauses the sort. SHIFT +DEL deletes the row....
  4. Sometimes in sorted portfolio go to delte a line and the line sequence changes and end up deleting wrong line would be handy to have an equiv to ctrl-z undelete
  5. stock777

    IB Lite and MT

    Ok, so MT does not work at the moment with IB LITE. Too bad. Surprised it took me this long to realize TWS was being supported with LITE . Pretty sure they didn't offer it at the start, but see posts from late DEC that talk about the access
  6. So far, yes. IIRC they have been making noises about opening API for Lite customers.
  7. stock777

    IB Lite and MT

    I just realized that you can use TWS as a LITE customer. Pretty sure that was not the case on launch They appear to block API access.... does this mean MT wont work with IB if you are under the LITE plan ?
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  9. Just a reminder - settings now has a search feature. All you have to do is type "top" in that search field up top on the right - and it will direct you to the settings page and the appropriate checkbox.
  10. set as default - Yes, same thing. with TDA - there may not be enough data to track the tick for up/down.
  11. Another question, for the Tick column, does TD Ameritrade as a source ever show the up and down ticks as all I have seen is the left and right arrows.
  12. Thanks Jerry, is the "Set As Default" the same as left clicking the "Medved Trader" icon on the upper left of the level 2 window? As I only see a "Set As Default" when I right click on the Level 2 window anywhere above the line in a black area below the Main, View, Trading tabs on the Level 2 window. Thanks for the answer on the columns sequence as I never saw any number higher than 1.
  13. 1) right click on the caption of the window and select "Set As Default" 2) # stands for # of orders. Only really relevant for Australian sources where we get a price, # of shares and a number indicating number of orders that make up those shares
  14. It appears that it's actually Nasdaq who is marketing the Totalview and giving the inaccurate information about the financial institutions that has the real TotalView but instead some are just regular level 2: http://www.nasdaqtrader.com/Trader.aspx?id=Totalview2
  15. Just wanted to ask here since others can probably use it for future reference: 1) With the Level 2 window, is there anyway to set the view of columns so if I added Tick, Time which are not enabled by default, that it will be used in all future Level 2 windows as I noticed it will save the setting for that ticker symbol but anything else and it will default back to it with Tick, Time not enabled. 2) In View of Columns, there is a # option which says column sequence, what exactly is a column sequence? Thanks!
  16. Problem resolved. Settings > Application Settings > General / Other - uncheck "Child Windows on Top (Charts, Level II, etc)"
  17. I was able to resolve the problem by importing the MT settings from one of my other PC's. I had tried this before without success. This time (different PC) it worked!
  18. Thanks Jerry for reviewing. I will continue to see if I can figure it out.
  19. I got your settings. I don't see how MT windows can be on top since you have the setting completely turned off - SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - "Bring All Windows to Front When One Window is clicked"
  20. Yes, that is exactly what I meant. Sent the Log Settings. Thanks!
  21. do yo mean MT is not letting other windows come to the front? send me the logs please. Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add this Post’s URL in the comment.
  22. On a new install on a new PC Medved charts and portfolios are locked into the foreground and I'm unable to view any of the other windows on my PC until I close Medved. I haven't had this issue on any other of my of my PCs running Medved so not sure what is going on. Thanks
  23. BTW, I have Medved Trader on 3 other PCs with no issues like the one I am current experiencing on the new Dell XPS 15 laptop.
  24. Windows Defender exclusions are documented at: http://medvedtrader.com/wd though you should definitely exclude MT, that is not tied to any on top issue. Please indicate exactly what is happening to you rather than referencing an issue posted by someone else. that way we can make sure we are talking about the same thing
  25. Installed the Beta, still having the issue. Wondering if the issue might have something to do with Microsoft Security? Went in to "exclude processes" and it looks like things have changed since the Feb 20 2014 write up for Security Essentials & Windows Defender. Might want to update the process description for "excluded processes" if this is still an issue and in fact a source of problems in Win 10. Thanks
  26. Please get the beta version. that issue should be resolved there. https://medvedtrader.com/beta
  27. I reported this issue a year ago and I never figured it out. I'm still dealing with it today. It gives me some comfort knowing that I'm not the only one :)
  28. I'm having this issue on a new laptop I setup. Was there ever anything figured out for this issue?
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