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  2. Why should I notice that , my futures symbols all have the 19 right there on the same port 😤 Thanks
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  4. Have to use MT symbol format 19 instead of 9
  5. @BTCM9 the IB symbol, not bring up quotes
  6. add columns short date and short time columns i.e 26th and 8.13am full date is too wide
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yes. Please download and install the beta version. It will fix the issue
  9. Have you been able to confirm there is an issue with this?
  10. Downloaded the Beta version and the E*Trade data source now works except I now get this "Missing MF.dll..." error message when I initiate MT. Any thoughts on this? Downloaded the Beta version and the E*Trade data source now works except I now get this "Missing MF.dll..." error message when I initiate MT. Any thoughts on this?
  11. Last week
  12. Would it be possible to make it so that if you double click on an alert line it goes to the edit alert window. Currently if you double click on the alert line the chart window maximizes or goes back to window mode.
  13. yes, 3 times 10 candle average, unless you specify a different amount for RangeAveragePeriod
  14. Great, thanks! Am I correct then to conclude from this that the function is already requiring the candle body to be at least 3 times the size of the average candle range across the period? I wouldn't have thought it to be so demanding just from seeing it at work in charts.
  15. that is a bit specific. What I can do to solve your problem is just give you the function for StrongLine - you can then put it into your Paintbar after the MainCalculation function, and then modify it however you want: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } .fctbStyle7{ color:#000000; } public Boolean StrongLine(int Ago = 0, int RangeAveragePeriod = 10) { Double RangeAverage = CandlePattern.AverageCandleBody(RangeAveragePeriod); double body = CandlePattern.CandleBody(Ago); if (body >= RangeAverage * 3 && CandlePattern.BottomWick(Ago) <= body && CandlePattern.TopWick(Ago) <= body) { return true; } return false; } You can just copy/paste the above code in its entirety at the end of your paintbar and reference "Strongline" instead of CandlePattern.Strongline in your regular script code
  16. Here is the code: public void MainCalculation() { if (Close.CrossesUp(PP_R1, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("Crossover", PBShape.Fill, SysColor.Positive); } if (Close.CrossesDown(PP_S1, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("Crossover", PBShape.Fill, SysColor.MainIndicator3); } }
  17. I am trying to create a paintbar that will highlight a candle that crosses over a pivot point level. This is the code I have: My intent is for only the candle that is overlapping the PP level to be identified. What seems to be happening is that once a candle has closed over (or above) the R1 level many (but not all) candles that close above it will also be highlighted. And vice versa after the close of the first candle below the S1. This is happening without much rhyme or reason regardless of whether or not the PP level was ever within the candle's range. I've tried experimenting with CurrentCandle without finding any traction on this.
  18. Not sure if this would be a feature request or if this achievable currently without my awareness but I would like to ask if it's possible to add a criteria to one of the candle stick patterns available in the paintbars. I wish to use the "StrongLine" pattern. Currently I can set the RangeAveragePeriod for the detection and as I understand it the pattern is matched when the candle's range becomes larger than this RangeAveragePeriod. What I would like is to be able to set a threshold for the match such that a match is not returned unless the candle range exceeds a percentage or multiple of that RangeAveragePeriod. For example, only if the candle is 2 times the length of the RangeAveragePeriod or 150% of the RangeAveragePeriod would an alert be issued. This would provide us with a huge degree of flexibility in avoiding false positives.
  19. Would really like to see this functionality added natively as a part of the program at some point in the future. But I think I can achieve this with automation software I'm using for other purposes anyway.
  20. Okay that will work. The caption is unchanged, same as English version of Windows, so it will just work with what I have already
  21. on dashboard, click on SOURCES (top right). Then, you can click on the ETRADEUS entry and then right click and select Force Re-login a few times. that prompt does not come up every time, so may have to do it a few times.
  22. I tried now to open the MT but no error window appeared. Surely I post here the screenshot next time the window comes out.
  23. @nasdaqpazzo please post a screenshot of the popup or the exact text shown in the caption, so I can make sure it gets auto closed. I did it for English version "Web Browser" already
  24. To tell you the truth, I never liked it It wasn't a true ticker tape (which I believe shows block trades as they happen?). I guess we could make one that would actually do that (show trades as they happen) but I am not sure what criteria to apply (that is, which trades to show). Also, during high volume times it probably would go way too fast?
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