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An alternate way to notate Events (Divs,Earnings, Splits)



I still find the large Event boxes too obtrusive as they often overlay (and block) part of the adjacent candlesticks.  I'd like to request that we have an alternate Event notation, identical to the one used in the current TWS.  They are minimal and easy to read.  It's not necessary to include the written out date since they are near the bottom of the chart and close to the date axis where the months/weeks are notated, And it only takes a second to move the crosshair over the Event arrow to get the exact date.


If we could chose between the two Event styles then that would satisfy those who like those large boxes, and those like myself who dislike them(and keep them turned off).  But I'll wager that eventually people will come to prefer the TWS style.



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As Mike mentioned - would rather have screenshots.  We would be open to adding other display options for the various events. Though getting to TWS to see it is problematic. 1) I don't really know where in their stuff to even turn it on. 2) I can't even get to TWS right now.  Could you email me screenshots of what you are looking for?

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