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Last few days


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Past few days I’ve had to reload the program from MT site to get it started.

I only have to do this after I’ve shut my computer down. In the morning when

I try to open from my desktop icon it loads to the Auto Backup point and stops.

The pulsing loading bar is still active. I’ve tried it with loading only the production

version and with the beta version with the same results.

If through the day I exit MT, not shutting the computer off, either version starts

fine with the desktop icon.

Ummmm. At first I thought it was because I use the Ccleaner program but now

I’m not sure. Prior to using the Beta version I’d not had an issue.

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it sounds like it locks up on the backup process. You have the backup set to occur once per day, which is why it does not happen if you restart mid-day. If it happens when you run production version, then it definitely has nothing to do with the beta.  

Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)

And add Post URL in the comment

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Ah ha...Webroot Secure Anywhere looks to be the culprit. Never mind the allow always tab with

the alert. It doesn’t work. After rebooting from two restarts and two complete shut downs with

Webroot disabled MT loads just fine....Just don’t forget to enable it.

I’ve used Webroot for a long time and it’s an EXCELLENT anti malware program.

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Same here Mike but they’re like a must have. What was happening was the MT loading panel

is much larger than the Webroot warning panel. The Webroot opened behind the MT panel

in the center of the page......I never thought to drag MT off the center of the page. Who woulda

thunk.....lol. Duh

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