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Scanner - requesting a discussion

Mike Medved


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Hi Jerry,

I like the idea of being able to filter an entire stock universe, but I'd like to be a reasonably quick process. 

eg.  Show only stocks where ROC > 2 AND ATR(1)  > 5 and turnover > 10 million. 

Thanks a lot.

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MTG, we would not be able to scan the entire stock universe, for several reasons

1. It's a lot of data that costs a LOT to acquire

2. The processing would have to be done on our own servers, which we don't want to do because it would be very costly and would introduce another point of failure.

3. The flexibility would be lost. It is simply impossible to allow scanning on one (or even several) server using every criteria every user will come up with. It doesn't scale.

The way we intend to allow scanning is to tie it to MT's portfolios. You would enter the symbols you want to monitor into a portfolio. Connect it to a data source for L1 data. Some data sources allow 100 symbols. Some 500. Then you would apply a scanning criteria (using paintbar-like code) to it. Then you let it run and the scanner would monitor the data and apply the criteria to it and show results to you in real time.

Note that I am talking about a scanner, not about a filter. A "filter" is run once and spits out the results (usually on a universe of stocks). A "scanner" would run on real-time incoming data for a set of stocks and run it through the criteria, in real-time, to pop up results.

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Hello Mike

                i am not a coder so something point + click or drag + drop would be great

                e.g. notification when Stochastic K% crosses D% both ways ( up + down ) 

                great idea been waiting for it


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remisha: the scanning criteria will be done very similar to the way current Paintbars are done. Paintbars can be done in a Simple or Advanced way.

The Simple paintbar consists of a set of rules that can be exactly what you say: for example Stochastic K% crosses D% both ways.

Take a look at paintbar editor in your MT (on the Dashboard there is a Manage Paintbars tile).

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