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Delayed alerts and data for open portfolio symbol


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Hi Jerry,

I had something odd occur today which I didn't realize until I just had it happen again.  

Earlier today I had a bunch of alerts pop up for FB which I  have in a portfolio I have had open all day.  It occurred when I clicked on the stock symbol ie activated it.

I just clicked on another symbol NNO.VN as I noticed the latest price was not in the portfolio view.  When I did that I got a bunch of alerts for it and the price update in the open portfolio. Also the raw data populated with all the recent prices but no Bid or Ask info.  Screen shot attached of the raw data,

Let me know if you want a backup or support upload sent.  

FYI I have switched multiple times throughout the day between this portfolio and others but never closed the portfolio.  It was open when this occurred as well.  

Could I have something misconfigured stopping updates unless the symbol is active?






latest raw  data


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sounds like your portfolio is not getting data. When you click on a symbol, the linked charts switch to that symbol causing backfill, thus the updates that you are seeing. Your screenshot did not show the quote source. Either the source is wrong, or you are trying to track more symbols than are supported by the quote source.

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BTW, using stockwatch and have a total of about 110 symbols in open portfolios.

Your Account Status
Subscription Option Daytrader
Maximum number of portfolio entries 300
Current number of portfolio entries 61
Unlimited Realtime (level 1) CSE
S&P Indexes
Candeal Bonds
Unlimited Market Depth (level 2) CSE Depth by Price/Order
TSX-V Depth by Price
TSX Depth by Price

Seems like from this I shouldn't be hitting any stockwatch limitations should i? I'll shoot them an email and confirm the max number of portfolio entries of 300 applies to the external data feed Medved is using.




You beat me to it lol.  I did set logging to  200 before I selected the ATC symbol above if you want to look at the backup.




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I just added two backups to our dropbox share.  also screen shots related.  

Backup 1 from yesterday should have the nno logging info but on level 10, ATC was set to 200 when I click on it and had the  alerts and change in price.  

Backup2 2 from today, LTX and MNR, clicked on and the alerts went right as I clicked on them.



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It seems like some alerts are not even coming up at all until I click on the symbol.  This example illustrates it well.

GRAT:VN.  there was no alert for the price change when it occurred but when I clicked on the symbol the alert popped up.

I clicked on the symbol at 12:30:58 which you can see in the alert window, but the price was stable since 12:29:20.








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Isn't medved supposed to backfill and catch up when the app is launched so long as the symbol is in an open portfolio?  This was an example of that case then I went and clicked on the symbol and it still was creating the alerts.  Pretty sure Medved was open for a qhile before I clicked on the symbol.


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K, so if I have percentage alerts eg 5 or 10 % across my stocks of an open portfolio,  should I expect those to go off when medved is open and running or would I need to go and click on the symbol to get them to go off?  or should it do both. 

 Eg Bud:VN

I opened Medved and two alerts went off for BUD:VN as everything started loading about 20 minutes ago as I had quit medved and reopened it.  for 5 and 10% change.

Then I just clicked on the symbol BUD:VN (which is a symbol in an open portfolio) and the two alerts went off again.  There is only one buy/sell at 9:30 am on the raw data.




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it sounds like you have some charts linked, so when you click on a symbol, the linked chart switches to the symbol and backfills. If that is the case, then your quotes in the portfolio are not updating. That would mean that either the quotes are stopped or you are trying to get more quotes than what your quote source allows. (most common issues).

Please recreate the issue for a couple symbols - click, etc. then send me the log and indicate in the comment when sending - which symbols you clicked on.

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