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SUBTOTALS COLORED IN QT (also symbol list)



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I thot your focus these days was on the trading module


Dont wanna interfere with that


Just askin if/when we can get subtotal highlited like we had in QT

MY QT has:

symbol col is gray

the subtotal col (---) is also gray

lines are alternated white/pale yellow


the relationship of colors to trading is easier on eyes when quickly lookin at stuff, thas all


this makes it easy to see the subtotal figures

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irs just that I must have QT open on one screen to trade...and MT on the other


so comparing the two is constant


since Im always lookin at subtotals, it really makes it easier to jump out at me if they are pictured as in QT


obviously, I hope, that you saw that when I use the term subtotal col in post above, I really meant the subtotal line, not col

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My preferred font in QT is Arial Black size 9... perhaps that would be easier to implement than Bold?

You must have young eyes.


I am well into my 50's and as each year passes I have learned to appreciate larger fonts, contrast and color options.


I also have noticed in the past 5 years or so that my eyes have a difficulty with red font/background etc...


So the more items which are user configurable for font/color I am always in favor of...

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