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32g system should be fine. Vast majority of the symbols are not high volume.

No single source lets you do over 1500 streaming. NOTE: the limit really only applies for real-time scan. If you backfill and just not have data updating, you can do a static scan on however many you want.

you can mix multiple datafeeds to get higher, though would have to do a couple work-arounds. Lets say 1 lets say you have one that is max 600 and another 1500.  You create 3 portfolios:

1) 600 symbols - datafeed 1
2) 1500 symbol - datafeed 2
3) all 2100 symbols from other 2 portfolios and DO NOT START the datafeed.
you would do the scan in portfolio 3, while the other 2 can just be running and minimized.

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you can connect multiple programs to IB at the same time, but the max # of symbols (100 default) is shared across all connections and TWS.  IB is not practical for scanning unless you pay their fees to increase the max # of symbols

TD Ameritrade is max 1500

Ally Invest is 250

Ally Invest for MBT is default 250 but realtime accounts that use MT should be updated to 500. If you have that and are not, let me know.

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