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Questrade cash/buying power balances & CDN/USD



Emailed about this but figured I should post it in the right spot since it's an enhancement request :)
Been finding this more and more of a problem lately.
Since Questrade supports storing of  Cdn and US cash and stocks in each account, it's a real pain to lock down Questrade in Medved to USD or CDN since its locked for the Questrade connection as a whole (all accounts).  So if you change it from USD to CDN or CDN to USD you are affecting all accounts at once.  In my case I have 17 accounts across 5 different people attached to my Questrade account....and many trading windows, some of which I am trading CDN stocks others USD stocks. 
What this means is my cash and buying power being displayed in each trade window and portfolio are affected by switches between CDN and US. So If I go to settings set it to CDN but then am trading a USD stock and click on cash the share count is miscalculated using the cdn cash dollar value and the order fails since there is not enough equivalent USD to cover the share count calculated.  Yesterday I actually bought too many shares and went into my margin unintentionally because of having the USD/CDN set wrong.
Quick fix  - which doesn't solve the whole problem but would help:  
-add a USD/CDN button or dropdown in the trade windows and portfolio so we can flip between CDN and US and visually know which we are set on well trading in each trade window
Better fix:
-Add CDN/USD button to trade/portfolio windows as above
-Allow CDN / USD to be locked per account instead of for Questrade as a whole
Best fix:
-add both USD and Cdn cash and buying power to the trade windows so either can be clicked on to load share counts.    (Medved is using the QT calculated -combined $ values for these, not actual real USD/CDN cash values, which I think is a good because Questrade lets you buy using that combined value) 
Eg in the trade window
 "Buying Power USD XX,XXX  Cash USD XX,XXX       Buying Power CDN XX,XXX   Cash CDN XX,XXX"  
-Add CDN/USD button to portfolio windows ( wouldn't be necessary in trade window since both are listed now
-Allow CDN/USD to be locked per account instead of for Questrade as a whole.
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Just wanted to check back in on this one Mike.  It is really causing me issues as I keep forgetting I changed the currency from USD to CDN or CDN to USD and it impacts the cash showing available in the trade tickets. There is no indication if the cash available is CDN or USD in the tickets or any quick way to change back and forth since you have to go to settings, trading account then change back and forth between CDN and USD there.

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