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Ability to move SL and TP



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what I am seeing is that the stops are outside the range of the chart, or at the edge, so it is hard to move the capsule and get it precise.   You would really want to add more space on the Y axis of the chart if you are going to be placing stops like that.  Move the mouse over the Y Axis and then click and drag down. That will add more space. Another option is to just zoom out a bit which will also impact the Y axis.

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Chalp - on videos we dont see mouse clicks and drags. So to clarify:

1. You drag the stop capsule downwards

2. You release it. It jumps back up?

3. What happens if you drag the capsule itself, not the line?

4. What happens if you drag slowly. Like take 5 seconds to drag to make sure?

That is the bizarrest thing. Trading acct - what brokerage? What data feed?


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