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Can't login to TDA


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Just tried again, still won't login. I was logged in just fine before the update ran and as soon as the update was installed it wouldn't login. I even tried the login for another TDA account I have and that was give the same login failed error. How do I roll back to the previous version?


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Well it just seems funny that I can login to my TDA accounts from my PC using their webpage and Think or Swim, and I can login through the Think or Swim app on my phone and tablet, and I was logged in with MT this morning just fine until I installed the update; at which point MT won't login and only MT won't login. 

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y, I've been getting feedback from TDA and from other clients - seems to be networking issue today impacting some ISPs, some locations. I've been fine here for a few hours now but I know others that have not been able to get in.

DO NOT call them (for anyone reading)- that will just tie up their lines and the phone support guys can't help with it anyway. .  If you are having the problem and wish to pass it to them, just let me know city/state and ISP and I will update them on it.

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