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Charts with compare indicator


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Don't see any issue. I added a compare to symbol. Compare anchor is on left visible edge. Everything lines up without having to click. Clicking on the anchor may move the anchor to an absolute value vs left visible edge, but both situations are accurate. Please give a specific example. If you have a chart that this happens to, go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check QUOTE DATA

Export, then email me the exported file please and indicate which exact chart I need to look at

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I don't think I made myself clear.


I wasn't writing about a serious problem. Charts with a compare symbol mainly work fine.


I'm referring to a minor inconvenience.


Say I have a chart with symbol ABC, symbol link red, and a compare indicator TLT with a custom anchor set to 3/17 and a period  3 months


To start wit the line for ABC crosses TLT at 3/17


If  I change the period, the anchor line stays put at 3/17  but the crossover is no longer at 3/17


If I change the symbol, the anchor line stays put at 3/17  but the crossover is no longer at 3/17


( I think the crossover gets moved to yhe left edge of all data)


Clicking on the anchor restores the crossover to 3/17



The extra mouse click is not a big deal but it's annoying.


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