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Commsec australia not refreshing?


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Intraday backfill stopped working with Commsec, will Bell Direct be added to Intraday Charts. Also, a new player is in Aus, https://www.superhero.com.au/ with low $5 a Trade, for us Aussies that's a fair discount to what we're used to paying. Will you be adding new Brokers like SuperHero.

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I really don't understand how brokerages (like that SuperHero one) think that people ONLY want to trade on their phone. They don't seem to have any other way to do it, at least that I see on their web site. Maybe I am a fuddy-duddy that doesn't understand the new generation of traders, but to me trading on your phone is not optimal.


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Quotes are via the desktop browser. I access superhero account on my PC thru Firefox. Fairly simple signup process, no documentation needed.

How likely would it be for the SuperHero Dev's/Founders to consider a completely integrated system with Medved Trader.

Thanks for the quick commsec fix.


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