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Numbers and decimals



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:) well. We did:

1. make the volume label show up as M K etc.
2. put in an option so that the labels do not overlap

It is kinda hard to figure out exactly what to show for indicators. I mean. It is a calculated value so it is not neat like price values.

If the SMA is (internally) 2.4765637123  - what should I show?  2.48? 2.476? 2.4766?

and what if it is 3025.12318928
?  Or 0.2387469827.

I agree that right now it shows too many digits. But how many and for what values it should show is the question.

We can't just use straightforward stuff like "show 6 significant digits". Because then for 0.238765728 it would be 0.238766  - do you really need that much? and for 2.12876334 would be 2.12876 - again, probably too much. But for 3021.2534687 would be 3021.25 - which seems just right.

So it would have to be a step-approach - for each exponent its own format.

so - what do you think would be best?

<0.0001  - 0.000012345 ?
<0.001 - 0.00012345 ?
<0.01 - 0.0012345 ?
<0.1 - 0.012345 ?
<1 - 0.12345 ?
<10 - 1.2345
<100 - probably 12.345
<1000 - probably 123.456
<10000 - probably 1234.56
the rest - just integers with K M B as needed

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I agree it can be tricky for different users, stocks, forex, coins, etc.

So, just In my case (only US/Canadian stocks), answer is simple, SMA 2.4765637123 = 2.48

At least that what do I get with other platforms I use, Questrade, TradingView, Interactive Brokers and Webull.

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