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Medved crash again


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Medved hung again today..  Tried to quit and only some windows closed. This time it did let me restart medved without a reboot of the pc.

Couple days ago I setup  a job to disable and restart my network card on the pc just before market open, could that be causing this?    I did it to force stockwatch to relogin due to the :CSE tickers I am seeing with bid ask flipped in the AM till I restart stockwatch.




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maybe you are running something that has a bug which is causing it to crash? I setup a scan which every time I run would force MT to shutdown on its own. It's weird because other scans worked with no problems. I deleted it and set up a new similar scan and no problem 

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On a side note which may be related or not, Medved's reaction time to scroll/zoom seems to have gotten really bad over the last couple weeks.  I feel like it was a couple weeks ago I noticed it but today it was really bad for me.  I was trying to zoom (contorl+ mouse roller) in a historical window and it was unusable it was so slow. Let me know if you want logs of that.

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