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Placing a vertical spread order on options


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When bringing up an option chain and selecting Vertical Spreads I see Bid/ask columns on the left for 1 strike & Bid/ask columns on the right for the 2nd strike. If I double click on either of these I get a trade ticket.

When I double click on the middle Bid/ask columns which shows the difference between the 1st & 2nd strike prices nothing happensHow do I place a Vertical Spread trade?

If I do 1 side then the other, I've had to put on separate trades which defeats the purpose of the option chain window.

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Any plan on adding multi-leg option order tickets? Do brokers support multi-leg orders through API? IB, Questrade, TD?

On related note for options orders, when opening a single trade ticket, default values don't populate (Qty, bid/ask or peg price).

When using Trade All from Option Analysis window, MT opens multiple trade tickets for each leg, but option price fills incorrectly.

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Yes, we have something we're working on that will push the multi-leg option trades closer on the todo list.

As far as defaulting, it should work same as for other types of symbols. If it is not working for you, please send us details including the screenshot of the SETTINGS/ TRADING/ ACCOUNTS window with the quantity defaulting tab selected

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