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alert column bug .....


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  Cant seem to find my prior post on this so Im reposting

  That damn date/time column keeps  resizing itself 10 times a day .

  Can't we make this more robust so it doesn't do this ?     Its probably a bug in the window code itself, not something MT is doing.

   I size the d/t col small, and it pops back out like this, full size  , randomly

  Obviously , auto size is set to off


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  Ok, very simple.  This is a long standing issue . 

  I size the d/t column small,  but at random times it just reverts to its full width . Thats what you see in the pic above.

  Here I show how I set it before it resizes image.png.a0eacd2404caeb6b58b15865afb2fc7b.png

  Might have something to do with the size of  the  text in the description field, but cant say for sure

  Does this many times in a day.

  Only the D/T column does this , the others behave.


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