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TIF error


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I get following error when switching from default TIF through conditional/var.

Saved Order Error: There is an error in XML document (1, 216). Instance validation error: 'gTIF' is not a valid value for global::MT.Trading.OrderTimeInForce.


 "Condition": "RegSession=false",
      "Then": {       
        "gTIF": "Day_ext"


I am this as global conditional because second/third legs don't use trading default TIF on chart except for first leg.

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1. you see those red underlines for the StopPrice and LimitPrice on the second and third leg? They are there for a reason.

Instead of bead(2) you should do offset(bead(2)-bead(1))   .. same for 3.

2. you set nTIF in variables but I don't see it used anywhere. You said you have some global var set - do you use it in this order?


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Sorry, I forgot I had deleted TIF field before exporting hotkey. The problem with TIF assignment through variable persists in any hotkey. Something as simple as following:


  "Vars": {
    "nTIF": "Day_Ext",
    "If": []
  "Command": {
    "Disabled": false,
    "Order": {
      "Drop": "true",
      "Send": "false",
      "ConditionalType": "None",
      "Legs": [
          "OrderType": "Limit",
          "Action": "Buy",
          "LimitPrice": "Mid",
          "TIF": "nTIF"

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Yes, I have the link for download, otherwise whatever MT suggests is latest beta available to install.

I was using 9485.300, I just updated to 9485.305.

TIF issue is fixed. Thank you.

Beads price editor is now working as well.

Beads are still forgotten when symbol is changed and changed back.

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Hi, Thanks for update. I installed 307. Bead prices now show on all charts of same symbol with trading enabled.

But changing symbol on chart still clears them permanently.

I have both checkboxes on for trade beads under Trading/General. Is Save between session refer to Chart session or trading day session?


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Thank you Mike for the fix.

I had turned up to 120 days to test new CPU and data feed. Faster CPU improved performance enough for to me forget about the setting. I don't need that much data all the time. But once in a while for a single symbol, I go back longer period.

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