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Crosshairs stuck on, on every open chart


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They are synced but Not always on.  If you hold down shift you see crosshairs on all charts.  When I leave go of shift they used to turn off automatically.  Now they seem to be stuck on and I have to move the cursor over each chart to get the crosshairs to turn off.  Also if I change to a new symbol some of the charts have the crosshairs on automatically without me holding down shift and as soon as I put the cursor over the chart it disappears. 

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here is what I see... 3 charts. crosshairs synced. Crosshair NOT set to always show.

I hold down shift and crosshair shows on all 3 charts

I let go of shift, and crosshair disappears on the chart I am on, but stays on the others until I move the mouse outside of current chart. Then crosshair goes away on all the others.

However, I see the same in previous versions - not new. 

Are you seeing something different than what I described?

What version were you using previously that did not have this behavior?

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If I hit shift for any reason when on a chart the crosshairs come up.  I constantly hit shift to draw horizontal lines.  When I leave go of the shift key the crosshairs stay activated on all of my charts except the one I was drawing on.  Then if I move the mouse over a chart where the crosshairs are stuck on they then disappear.  Then if I change symbols the crosshairs are stuck on again on random charts.  The problem with it is when the crosshairs get stuck on I can't see the bar that the crosshairs are on top of, it is usually the current bar that is forming.  All of the charts that I have open are on the same symbol link group and trace link group.

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