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Questrade Authorization keeps popping up (anyone else seeing this)


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This is specifically for Market data from Quedtrade. Questrade just recently started providing free live data instead of delayed.  I also opened a bug report for it on your forum and sent logs just after it occurred.  

I am seeing this with my account on my machine and the same thing using another family members Questrade account on another machine at a different physical locaiton with a different internet provider.

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hmmm.  Can you see anything in the logs I sent or want some more just after it occurs? Would a higher logging logging level help? 

My problem is I went back to using Questrade data due to the new issues with no BID/ASK in the Webull Raw data feed (have a bud report filed for that as well on the Medved forum) when you have the Webull Level II subscription.  So both are kinda broken for me now...

I could also reach out to Questrade a get a ticket going fi you are able to see anything in the logs at all.

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I don't normally use Questrade for data in MT but I switched one portfolio to Questrade for testing and it does prompt me for login every few minutes. No login prompts if I stop using their data.

I got prompted on IQEdge software which was running at the same time with same data account, after shutting down IQEdge, I stopped getting login issues. See if your setup is similar.

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