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I'm not sure if this belongs here or in support but I can no longer use the data feed from TDAmeritrade inside medved trader since they made the switch over to Schwab... From my understanding the API is also broken and nothing seems to be working from their end?  Not sure if this has been discussed or if there is an open communication between TDAmeritrade (or i guess it may need to be with Schwab now?) to fix that but there is no mention of the inability to use TDAmeritrade in the data section of the program and it does not function any longer...

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We will be adding Schwab once they get their API to us, which should be before May. There is a detailed thread about that at

If your accounts are all there, BY FAR the easiest and best result option is to just open a new TD Ameritrade account. It will not be moved to Schwab until May 2024, and by that time Medved Trader will have Schwab integration.

Specifically using this link: (otherwise the links on the site point to opening a Schwab account and make it difficult to find the link for TD Ameritrade)


If you need it for just data, just opening one and funding minimal amount to keep it open would suffice. If you want to trade, I would open one that is the same type as your primary trading account and then just transfer the assets from the Schwab account to the new TD Ameritrade one. Would tie things up for a few days but then would be able to trade. 

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