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  1. I've also had this issue recently. Get an error unable to pull up option chain from TD Ameritrade. If I switch the feed to Ally it'll pull it up, then I switch it back to TD and then it tends to work fine from there. Not sure if it's a Medved issue or just a sketchy data feed from TD.
  2. So I went over to Equity Alerts and looked at some of the screenshots of the new Clearlines indicator working in Medved. Unfortuently I can't really zoom in the screenshots enough to get a good idea how it's working. It does seem pretty interesting and something I could probably make use of. Can you provide any more info on it? Is there a way to get get like a week trial on it or something? I'd like to be able to fiddle around with it a little and see how it works for intraday before I commit to buying it. Is anyone here currently using it that has any input on how it works?
  3. Hmmn downloaded and ran the update again. My program version is saying 1.1.8400.1 x64 is that the correct version for the update?
  4. Ok installed the update Jerry emailed me. Changed the parameters in the paintbar. But still getting the red X
  5. Ok have the update and trying to make this work in the paintbar. As per the screenshot above I'm trying to get an alert when a red wave turns to green, or green turns red. By your instructions I believe I should be doing it such as in the attached screenshot. Having the value cross up one or equal one but on the paintbar it's giving me a red X. So I don't think it's playing nicely. Any ideas?
  6. Gotcha. Thanks Mike. Really liking this indicator thanks for adding it.
  7. So I mostly been daytrading SPY options as of late and I've been messing around with the new Weiss Wave indicator you added in the beta and I'm liking the performance when set to the parameters in the screenshot. I'm trying to implement it into a paintbar and I'm noticing there isn't any criteria to select for the paintbar. If I wanted a paintbar to alert the start of a new green wave like the circle in the attached screenshot how would I go about coding it?
  8. Yea not having volume on SPX makes things tough because it limits which oscillators and indicators can be used. I have streams from TD, Ally, and Interactive Brokers and none of them provide volume on indices unfortunately.
  9. I'll bite. Let's add in some logistics as well. Trading experience: 3-5 years Trading style: Day, Swing Platform: Interactive Brokers(Day trading), Robinhood(swing)(both integrated with MT) Securities: Options for day trading, stocks for swings My strategy: Intraday options momentum day trading. With options I don't have to be in trades very long at all to make profits. So I scalp using the leverage. I like to trade SPX, SPY, APPLE, AMAZON, TESLA, and DIA mostly because of their liquidity. I've tried to cut down on the indicators I use and have been studying price action mostly. I prefer HA candles with HMA and DEMA moving averages. I prefer PPO to MACD and really try and utilize the Demark Sequential for my scalps. I like 10 minute candles so I can see the true trend. I typically buy at the start of a new candle in a trend around Demark 3-4 and sell on the next candle or one after. I'm not greedy when it comes to options. They move so fast but the leveraging allows me to scalp for some decent size profits. So nothing fancy really. I'd love to see a screenshot of Mike and Jerry's setups ?
  10. Yep... something dumb on my end as usual. TY Sir
  11. Hi Jerry, I know it's something stupid on my end I am missing. I've gone over the help section and searched the forum for an answer I've been trying for a while to figure this out and I'm at my wits end. I simply just want the default buy quantity to be $2000 worth of the stock at it's current price so I don't have to do the math. The trade ticket and chart trading always comes up as 0 no matter what I try and change in the account settings for the default quantity. What am I doing wrong here?
  12. Yep works like I wanted. Sorry again. You can go ahead and delete this
  13. Yea it is.. saw Demarker and Pivots and totally missed sequential right below it. My bad.
  14. Hey Mike, Is it possible to add Demark Sequential to the scanner? I've really come to like it as an indicator and would like to be able to do a historical scan for securities that have hit a certain number of the sequence. In particular Demark candle 4 or 5. But also it would be good to be able to add Demark 9 to a scan so I know when to look for a reversal. Utilizing Demark with Heiken Ashi has really improved my trading lately. Just sucks because I have to look through countless charts to find something that's around Demark 3-5 and a scan would make things so much better.
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