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Chart custom timeframes


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  Talking about the options to select time of day.


  Selected 0 days ago at 9:30 AM on a bunch of charts.


  When MT is restarted, that setting is gone and the default time of 12:AM is there.


 Using this setting for futures, to see only data from the open .


  Not sure how you want to handle one session to another, but at the very least, each chart should save the time entered (9:30) in this case so it doesn't have to be redone

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 Just tried a close chart on AAPL, reopen , which seemed to save.


 When I shut down MT, the AAPL chart opens , with the custom time saved.


I think stocks are working, but not working with my FUTURES charts for some reason, they are not saving . Using IB symbols.



EDIT: I see where you are saving the data in the XML, but somehow its not restoring properly on reload.

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I looked at the last setup you sent us and the @ESU15 charts were not set to start at specific time. Can you resend the latest setup (export)?


Also, if you want the chart to just start at the current day, you can select "Current Day" as the period. Assuming you set the timeframe to CME Globex Regular hours, it would start the chart at 9:30.

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 Looking at it right now and its set to 9:30AM.  When I exit and rerun, that setting will be gone.


 Just did it. the Custom period resets to last day, and the from box  no longer contains 9:30am but is reset to default 12:am


 Have you tested this with the same symbol.


 As for Current Day,  that wont work for me as I have Extended Hours set to Always on Futures so ALL data shows.  Current Day starts at the prev days open when set to Ext Hours always.

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 Here's the problem   Looks to me like the time data is saved in current.layout,   correct me if  I'm wrong.


  If I send you the layout AFTER I enter the data, it will be there.  If I send you the layout AFTER I close and reopen it wont have the custom time data.


 Tell you what I just saw.


 I entered an odd time 9:37.  I closed and reopened MT.   I quickly pressed 0 on the @ES chart.  It was THERE!   And a few seconds later it wasn't. 


 Sorry, if I'm encroaching  on the debugging process, I really don't want to spend tons of time doing this, but these are obnoxious and hard to replicate problems and if I don't  bang on them here you're not going to be able to replicate them so easily.


 Here's what I've found. The data seems to be saved, but as soon as you do anything with the chart, select another timeframe, keyboard or use the ctrl-mousewheel, , I see an Unknown Timeframe message flash on the top of the chart, and the custom timeframe value is lost.


 See if you can duplicate this.  If you can't I'll record it.

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The chart remembers the "last used" custom period while it is open.


If the chart's period is custom at the time it is closed, it will be custom at the time it is open, which will become the last used custom period


If the chart's period is one of the other, predefined periods when it is closed, then it will be the same when it is open.  And there is no "last used" custom period.  So if you select Custom Period after re-opening the window, you will get the default one. 


That works as intended.

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  Not sure how this behavior is what's intended.


  I customize the from time (the third line option, 0 days From 9:30AM) in chart XYZ.  During the session this is remembered and I can simply press '0' and get that chart to display as wanted. If I call up the edit box again, it leaves my modified time setting alone .


    Now , the next day , when this chart is reloaded, I would expect that custom time to be remembered and available to me without having to reenter it each and every day.


  Reselecting custom time popup using '0', should not arbitrarily  delete my entered values. It should simply enable editing them. 


  I explained why I need to use the manual 9:30 start , as the ES settings I'm using  dont start the chart there using the built in options. 


 PS , I see now that even during the session, if I modify the timeframe options , ie selecting  Last/Time (row 1 of the popup) it also deletes the custom time entered on row 3.   I'd seriously rethink  this design, as there is no benefit that I can see and causes extra work for the user, who chooses to vary the timeframe view.

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  Saving of time seems to be fixed nicely but seeing another odd related issue.


 for ES only, NQ is fine.   9:30am is not displaying right. It was working previously. The chart  starts at 9:15, this is on a 1 minute chart. I've seen it start at other odd times, besides 9:30.   Tried clear/backfill, no diff.

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