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Events - Earnings Countdown



1. I would like to have the the events indicator located on the bottom or top of the chart. The current location on top of the candles creates noise in the chart for me.

2. The current symbol is a star.  How about making an E for earnings and a D for dividends.

3.  I would like to have an earnings countdown added that would measure the number of days until the next earnings. Earnings creates a bit of volatility and i would like to see at a quick glance how many days left until the next earnings. Possibly a simple annotation like E-5 would mean 5 days until next earnings,

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Will have Mike look at your comments as well, (so this is not the last/final reply :)

2) Will see about the letter. Note that the start is different colors depending on the action, but will see about using a letter.

3) the thing is, we don't currently have the next earnings date.  I do have it on my todo list to look to see if we can get it from any of the datafeeds. If at least a couple have it, we will add a data point for it, and then will be able to add features based on it.

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Cool idea to show future earnings date on chart. I wish every data could be extracted from a broker like TWS! I know it's not likely, but it's frustrating to pay for the data and pay again in other tools for the same data. Sad.

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Would be nice to have up coming economic info on the bottom of the chart, with options to select from which Countries (Country) and which particular info you'd like listed.

Investing.com have their Economic calendar  Here

some chart Examples.. Here and Here

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