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New Volume % feature needs tweaking


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 Houston we have a ....

This scan is not saving the parms ,  zeros on reload of MT

Noticed the scan description  text does not update to show the current % used when you enter a value.

Also , APPLY button not activating when I enter new values




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Ok I checked the code and traced some things and it seems to work as it should.

Note: the one-min volume as used in the alert is not what you see in the volume indicator. That volume is divided on 1 min (if that is the frequency) boundaries.

The alert machinery just keeps a queue of all ticks in the last 60 seconds. Then it totals the volumes in those ticks and divides it by the number of seconds between the last tick in the queue and the first tick. Then it multiplies that # by 60 to get the running one-minute-volume.

That would skew things a bit for very thinly traded stocks...

I did it that way so that if you have a sudden uptick in volume in a stock that may not trade every second, the reaction would be faster. Maybe I could just take the total in the last 60 seconds and NOT scale it by the actual time between the last and first tick...

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